Your garden starts with you.........

Initial Visit and Consultation

After contacting us we will visit you, free of charge, to discuss your requirements and budget and to look at your garden. We will explain the design process and show you examples of our work. Our aim is to get to know you, to find out how you use your garden and what your requirements are. Following this meeting we will be able to provide you with an initial client brief and a fee proposal.

Site Survey

An accurate survey of the existing garden is required before any design work can take place.  For smaller projects, we will complete this ourselves and for larger, more complex projects, a land surveyor will be contracted to undertake this task.


We will discuss our initial ideas with you and then prepare a Masterplan. This is an aerial view of how the garden will look. We will also prepare other drawings as necessary depending upon the project, for example elevations or perspective. We will present the Masterplan to you and explain our design rationale and our ideas. At this stage, we will discuss any changes that may be necessary to the Masterplan and then work on achieving these.

Layout Plan and Specification

The Layout Plan is the next step and this includes any changes that may have been made. It forms the main Plan, together with Construction drawings, of any complex areas or specific features. Included in the Layout Plan is a Specification, which provides details of the materials to be used in construction and the standards to be adhered to. This will enable a  landscape contractor to quote for construction.

Planting Plan

We will provide Planting Plans for all areas to be planted together with Mood-boards to give you an idea of the plants that we recommend. The Planting Plan shows the location and spacing of all the plants and is used when laying out plants and subsequent planting.

Tendering, Project Monitoring

We are able to provide a full tendering service. We obtain competitive and comparable quotes from three qualified landscapers enabling you to select a company to build your garden. We are also available to monitor the progress of the garden during the construction period to ensure a satisfactory outcome. This will involve regular site inspection visits and contact with the landscaping team.

Planting and Maintenance

Once the hard landscaping has been completed, we will source, supply and plant all the plants on the Planting Plan, ensuring that your garden is left as a finished article. We can also prepare Maintenance Guides for you to help with caring for your new garden.

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